My interest is in coaxing an awareness of life’s poetic and metaphoric possibilities through the subtle manipulation of familiar objects. I use deceptively simple optical illusions to question notions of the material world. This strategy mirrors my belief that the sublime, revelatory, and divine are often in plain view, yet commonly overlooked.

I chiefly work on site-specific installations, in both gallery and outdoor settings. Every location has its unique character and requires an individual response. As a result, I’m led to use new materials and imagery, depending upon the project.

My approach is related to traditional Japanese aesthetics. Pieces are generally minimalist, and emphasize each material’s intrinsic quality. I make frequent use of collapsible units and color appears symbolically within a carefully reduced palette. The artwork relies on the spectator’s physical exploration to uncover aspects not immediately apparent.

The Western art movements that have influenced me the most are Surrealism, Minimalism, Arte Povera, and Light & Space; and specifically the work of Rene Magritte, Giovanni Anselmo, Robert Irwin, Roni Horn and Felix Gonzalez-Torres.